Urban Arrow

Photography commissioned by Urban Arrow. I had the pleasure of creating new visuals for the revamped website of the well-known Amsterdam bicycle brand, Urban Arrow. The brand aimed to showcase a different perspective of the cycling experience: from the cargo box of the bike.

For those who know me a bit, you'll recognize some familiar faces in the photos – my sister and her two children. Initially, they were only supposed to be part of the test shoot, where we could test the route for the actual shoot. But they enjoyed it so much that they were eventually asked to be a part of the campaign with me.

All of the shots were taken in and around Amsterdam, of course, with the cargo bike.


Productie: Urban Arrow (Veronique Jilisen & Mandy van der Tak)
Agency: Springbok
Styling: Martine Reurings Styling
Assistentie: Nick Helderman